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Underground clothing alarm
Underground clothing alarm

HTA-DM01 buried clothing alarm

Product Category: Acoustic magnetic security door


A single buried coil protects the 1.8 m wide exit with a protection height of 0.9-1.5 m (depending on the label type).

Long-distance sound and light alarms can prompt the clerk. Customers can keep track of system health at any time.

The operating frequency is 58 kHz.

Standard: length.......1550mm



1. In the middle and high-end clothing, shoe bags, and cosmetics stores, the customer population of these stores is relatively high, and the expected user experience is better. Therefore, such shops use a shaded anti-theft device, which is suitable for customers. Not the presence of an alarm.

2. Due to the layout of the store, when the vertical antenna of the device is not well burgled due to disturbance, only the shaded buried anti-theft device can be selected.

3. When the door distance of the store is very narrow, the vertical anti-theft antenna of the device affects the operation of the store, or the door distance is narrow enough that the vertical acrylic magnetic anti-theft antenna can not be installed completely, this situation can only be selected and the device is buried in the shade. Anti-theft device.