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Acoustic magnetic alarm
Acoustic magnetic alarm

The HTA-S08 Acoustic Magnetic Security Door utilizes the physical principle that the tuning fork only causes resonance when the oscillation frequency is the same.

Frequency: 58KHZ.

Material: ABS

Color: silver gray

Rack size: 1620*440*35mm

Rack weight: 9.7 kg

Packing weight: 13 kg

Outer package size: 1670*550*170mm

Detection distance: soft standard 1.2-1.4 meters

Hard standard: 1.6-3.2 meters

The main and auxiliary machine has the advantage that one host can carry two auxiliary machines, which saves the installation cost of the merchant.

Uses: Products are widely used in supermarkets, clothing stores, pharmacies, cosmetics stores, maternity stores, luxury jewelry stores and other stores.

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