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Performance of acoustic anti-theft

Edit:Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-26

Sonic magnetic anti-theft is a high-tech products, its beautiful appearance, exquisite manufacturing process and can be integrated with the modern magnificent decoration, to reach the role of "the icing on the cake", the maintenance of goods at the same time beautify the environment of shopping malls, is a high-end shopping malls, large and medium-sized supermarkets show economic strength and scientific and technological content of the logo equipment, is the inevitable trend of the development of modern shopping malls.

Presentation of the performance of acoustic anti-theft:

High-performance digital signal processing (DSP) and digital signal resolution skills (RF/ADD);

Automatic monitoring and adjustment of noise levels to facilitate useful work in high noise environments;

Digital adaptive filter and adaptive multi-channel frequency hopping skills, the great limit eliminates the possibility of false positives occurring;

Full digital self-test self-adjustment function, environmental fitness, high sensitivity, echoing speed, false positives, false report rate is very low,

Low power consumption.

The shape of the streamlined design, beautiful and generous, a variety of color selection can be adapted to a variety of store decoration environment, especially to meet the maintenance needs of shopping malls for wide channels.

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