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How is the anti-theft magnetic strip in the supermarket protected against theft?

Edit:Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-06

Supermarket anti-theft magnetic strips generally use barcode anti-theft.

Barcode electronic labels (barcodes on the front and a miniature coil in the sticker on the back) are divided into soft labels and hard labels. Soft labels have a lower cost and can be directly attached to "harder" products. Soft labels cannot be reused. The one-time cost of hard labels is higher than that of soft labels, but they can be reused. (Hard tags must be equipped with a special nail puller, which is mostly used for clothing items that are soft and easy to penetrate)

Under normal circumstances, soft label barcodes are not magnetic, and careful observation can tell that when the user buys a large number of products, use the quantity key, the cashier will not scan one by one. The bar code is nothing more than a data record. When the data is recorded in the database of the supermarket, its price can be displayed.

Of course, if the database does not have errors, it may not be able to show its price. The magnetic bar code is the magnetic clasp on the clothes. The cashier needs to remove it so that the alarm of the detection door will not sound. A bar code label (soft label) printed in a supermarket, which looks like a general price label, is actually a magnetic anti-theft label. Because it looks like a paper strip, it is also called an anti-theft soft label. When the cashier scans the price tag and demagnetizes the soft tag, the detector will not cause the alarm to sound.

Some are by sticking the barcode with magnetic strip directly on the standard barcode label, and some are hidden behind the label and covered by the standard label, the original barcode remains unchanged.

Supermarket anti-theft magnetic stripe and bar code are two functions. Magnetic stripe is used for anti-theft and bar code is used for computer to identify products. Only some products have integrated the magnetic stripe and barcode functions. The distinction is that if the barcode is flat, it does not have the magnetic stripe function, then the magnetic stripe will feel a strip-shaped protrusion when touching the label by hand, that is the orientation of the anti-theft magnetic stripe in the supermarket. If the barcode itself is protruding, then the magnetic stripe function is included.

The principle of electronic anti-theft soft label system: consists of detection antenna (transmitter and receiver), decoder and soft label. As long as a soft label is attached to the product during use, the purpose of maintaining the product can be achieved. When someone attempts to steal the product with the label, after the product passes through the detection channel, the detection antenna detects the label signal on the product, and at the same time announces the alarm sound and prompts the security personnel in time to achieve the purpose of anti-theft.