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What are the main aspects of the acoustic magnetic door principle?

Edit:Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-11

We all know that there will be anti-theft devices in shopping malls and supermarkets. The anti-theft devices are mainly based on a safe understanding. There are many anti-theft door devices in the supermarket. Today we will focus on introducing the acousto-magnetic anti-theft door and deepening our understanding of how it works.

The main working principle of the supermarket anti-theft system is to put an anti-theft label on the relatively small and expensive and relatively stolen products, and install an anti-theft door at the store exit. An alarm will sound.

The principle of acoustic magnetic anti-theft door is mainly the following three.

  1, wireless point radio frequency system: The radio system uses radio waves to transmit signals, and the detection frequency scale is 7. X ~ 8. X MHz. The signal it emits is the same as the mobile phone and broadcast, but the frequency is different. The system cost of the radio system is relatively low, and it is very convenient to install. However, it also has the disadvantage that the anti-theft label is in the form of a toroidal coil. The system is subject to interference from some external objects, so sometimes it may cause false alarms or not.

The radio system has both soft and hard tags, so that most products inside the supermarket can be protected. Generally, the two supports of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft door cannot be greater than 0. 9 meters, and the local use is generally in a mall with only one import and export. There are two types of wireless systems: vertical and channel.

  2 Acoustomagnetic system: resonance will be caused when the oscillation frequency is the same. The new word system uses this principle, its accuracy is very high, and the false positive rate is almost zero. The acoustomagnetic system label on the product will resonate when it enters the detection area of ​​the system, but the receiver will only alarm when it is connected to the signal alarm four or five times.

The characteristic of the acoustomagnetic system is that it is very resistant to interference. The width of the protected exit will reach 3. 5 meters, and it can be demagnetized repeatedly. Acoustomagnetic systems include different varieties of vertical systems, channel systems and shaded systems, and models are also available for selection.

  3 Electromagnetic wave system: The electromagnetic wave is used as the detection signal of the electromagnetic wave system. The label of the electromagnetic wave system is relatively small, and the price of the label is also relatively cheap. It can be demagnetized repeatedly, but it will also be misreported by some interference of metal and magnetism. The protection width is generally 0. 9 Meters.

The new-generation channel electromagnetic wave system is an electronic anti-theft system controlled by software. It integrates many skills into one, including: digital processing skills and degaussing system, cash register monitoring, CCTV monitoring system. The fast degaussing board can be demagnetized repeatedly, but the cost is relatively high. There are two types of electromagnetic wave systems, vertical and channel.