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Installation requirements and design of acoustic magnetic anti-theft door

Edit:Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-28

  Acoustic Magnetic Security DoorThe installation of the acoustomagnetic system is almost the same as the installation of the RF system; the equipment is only fixed; the main is still debugging, the acoustomagnetic debugging is basically relied on software for conditioning, the following introduces the following engineering design and installation requirements:

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Installation requirements for acoustic magnetic anti-theft door:

  1 After the EAS equipment arrives at the installation site, it should first be tested according to the design plan;

  2 After the test machine is successful, please ask the person in charge of customer engineering to locate, including the installation orientation, interval (within the target range) of the EAS detector, and the installation orientation recognition of the decoder and unlocker, etc .;

  3. If there is interference in the site environment during the test, you should first find out the cause of the interference and determine that the solution is installing fixed equipment;

  4 After acknowledging the installation orientation of the EAS equipment, make the equipment fixing hole and the ground slot orientation symbol required for buried wire

  5. Use an impact drill to drill a Φ 12 hole in a fixed hole, and use a cutting machine to open a 10 mm wide and 10 mm deep trench The depth can be deepened according to the actual situation);

  6 After the completion of the above work, install the anti-theft installation orientation of the EAS equipment → connection → fixed (with expansion screws in the equipment) → cover the ground groove (with stainless steel pressure bars in the equipment) → fixed with white cement or glass glue Beads and ground level;

  7, All wiring materials must use shielded cables (including online wires and DC power cords, equipped with equipment)

  8. During construction, safety should be the first priority; the power supply must be disconnected before replacing the cutting blade and drill number;

  9, all power cords, wiring, etc. must be fixed with a line card; if wiring is required, the links must be soldered, and wrapped and insulated with insulating tape, and the wiring part should be left in the bottom slot as much as possible;

  10 、 The unlocker should be fixed at the cashier's position where the cashier can operate.

Engineering design of acoustic magnetic anti-theft door:

  1, engineering design should be based on the principles of practicality, economy and reasonableness;

  2. It is necessary to ensure that the technical goals of EAS equipment are met, especially the installation interval goals;

  3. It must be noted that the power supply line of the EAS equipment must be separately led from the distribution box nearest to the installation site, and no other equipment can be shared on the power supply line;

  4. It must be noted that around the installation direction of the EAS equipment 1. 0M should be free of large-area metal objects and 220 V power cord (or other high-voltage cord)

  5, the power supply line must be well grounded, and multiple sets of use as much as possible to use the same circuit and maintain the same phase