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Why do supermarkets choose acoustic magnetic anti-theft devices?

Edit:Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-20

Before the product anti-theft industry, it has been the country of radio frequency anti-theft devices, but with the development of technology, the application of acoustic and magnetic anti-theft equipment systems is more and more widely used. The radio frequency anti-theft device, acoustic magnetic anti-theft device has many advantages, and strengthens the functions of many aspects on the basis of the radio frequency anti-theft device. It is not only a supermarket, a clothing store office building, etc., which are keen to use, and the main reasons why people choose it are as follows:

1. Brief operation and installation process

The supply of sound and magnetic anti-theft equipment with good reputation will provide design services and installation services before installation. Designate professional engineers to design and install on-site. The sound and magnetic anti-theft equipment system is integrated with the support, and no external host is required. Wireless synchronization, plug and play when power on, making installation and commissioning very simple. Engineers have less installation time, reducing the impact of installation on the business of the store; for the self-installed store, it reduces the messy work of weak current installation.

2. Strong anti-interference ability

Acoustomagnetic anti-theft equipment has a better brand sensitivity, extremely high detection rate, almost zero false alarms, special anti-power interference design, pulsed electricity involves alternating magnetic field encouragement and other skills, so that the overall function is very stable. Prevent customers from having a bad shopping experience in the shopping process and add customers' trust and favorability to the store.

Third, the appearance is more beautiful

Acoustomagnetic anti-theft devices now have many new material anti-theft antenna series. For example, the very good-looking acrylic acoustic magnetic antenna is made of transparent plates and stainless steel base through various processes such as carving and diamond polishing. The antenna is beautiful, fashionable and useful Without affecting the function, improve the overall beauty of the store, leave a good visual aesthetic to the customer, and add a high-quality customer experience. Many fashionable clothing stores, insoles, luggage stores, etc. are very fond of acrylic acoustic magnetic antennas, which are very suitable for the simple and fashionable pursuit of the current elements.

The above are the three main reasons why people choose acousto-magnetic anti-theft devices. As the technology level of anti-theft anti-theft magnetic and anti-theft devices improves, they more and more meet the needs of businesses and better highlight their role in the anti-theft category of stores. To better protect the safety of store products, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of merchants, I believe that acoustic and magnetic anti-theft equipment can diversify and satisfy merchants' anti-theft requirements.