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Years of industry experience and strong strength
  • Our company is a limited liability company integrating production, processing, distribution and wholesale.
  • We will continue to sincere and practical business philosophy, quality after-sales service.
  • Create a new future of security technology with you, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.
  • Jointly explore the prospects of the security market and share brilliant results with colleagues.
  • EAS anti-theft system
On-site installation, stable performance
  • Low power consumption and high alarm volume.
  • Strong anti-interference ability and long service life.
  • 声磁超市防盗器
    Acoustic magnetic supermarket anti-theft device
  • 声磁防盗门
    Acoustic Magnetic Security Door
  • 地埋式服装防盗器
    Buried clothing anti-theft device
  • 亚克力声磁防盗门
    Acrylic Acoustic Magnetic Security Door
  • 亚克力声磁防盗天线
    Acrylic magnetic anti-theft antenna
  • 水晶亚克力声磁防盗门
    Crystal Acrylic Acoustic Magnetic Security Door
  • Trust is an honor
Choice of many industries
  • Efficiently and accurately provide comprehensive solutions.
  • The main products are sound and magnetic anti-theft doors, supermarket door alarms, buried clothing anti-theft devices.
  • Products are widely used in public places such as supermarkets, clothing stores, maternal and child stores, digital stores and so on.
  • 声磁酒瓶扣
    Acoustic magnetic wine bottle buckle
  • 高尔夫防盗扣
    Golf anti-theft deduction
  • 大方扣
    Generous buckle
  • 射频防盗扣
    Radio frequency anti-theft deduction
  • 挂钩锁
    Hook lock
  • 鱼尾防盗扣
    Fish tail anti-theft deduction
  • Professional technical maintenance
7 * 24 hours of quality service
  • If the equipment fails, 24 hours of professional engineers will solve the problem efficiently for you.
  • The products sold are installed and used free of charge by the engineer team by phone or remotely.
  • Dedicated people regularly visit old customers, listen to customer feedback, and follow up maintenance in a timely manner.
  • Provide users with convenient and stable security solutions and provide services to customers.

Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company integrating production, processing, distribution and wholesale. It is also a clothing store anti-theft system manufacturer. The main products are: supermarket anti-theft system and consumables, shopping mall anti-theft, anti-theft alarm system, underground clothing anti-theft , sound and magnetic anti-theft device, clothing store door alarm, acrylic sound and magnetic anti-theft antenna, supermarket sound magnetic anti-theft tag, supermarket anti-theft magnetic strip, supermarket door alarm, Shangchao anti-theft device, acoustic magnetic security door, sound magnetic supermarket alarm , monitoring system, book anti-theft, anti-theft, digital anti-theft system and various types of anti-theft tags, metal detectors and other products. Products cover Guangdong, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Fujian, Nanchang, Shanghai and other markets.
Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise registered and approved by China. Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd. has established cooperative relations with many enterprises at reasonable prices and services. Hongtai Anda Technology meets customers from scientific research to production, from sales to service, with honest service attitude, reasonable product price, product quality, fast delivery efficiency and after-sales service. Shenzhen Hongtai Anda Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes all circles to visit, inspect and negotiate business.

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    meeting room
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    Warehouse center
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    Accessories Center
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case Center
Work together for mutual benefit and win-win
Industry knowledge
Q: How does the alarm at the entrance of the supermarket work?
Answer: 1. The sound and magnetic anti-theft system uses the tuning fork resonance principle, that is, the launching support emits a low frequency radio wave of 58 KHz, which is composed of two special amorphous metal sheets placed randomly When the label enters the detection area, the detection system excites the label to resonate ...